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I honestly had no idea this movie was even coming! Originally set to be released last year theatrically, Netflix bought the rights to this delightful animated film about a dysfunctional family learning how to cope with their eldest child moving away to college and…. oh yeah- the Robot Apocalypse! This film blew me away.

It’s got tons of laughs, a great soundtrack and lots of heart as well. Even though it’s released by Sony Pictures Animation ( The Lego Movie, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) it’s on the level of quality you might expect from a PIXAR movie. Kids will love the story and animation and adults will enjoy the jokes and countless pop culture “Easter eggs” (especially if you’re a fan of 80s science fiction movies.) It’s only May, but this is the runaway favourite for Best Animated Film of the Year.


Mike has called Fort McMurray home for the past eight years. A true man about town, Mike loves supporting local artists and small businesses by using his platform to promote them however he can. In his spare time, you can find Mike checking out new music, drinking craft beer or managing his fantasy football team!

Mike strives to live life to its fullest and adopts a glass half full perspective. He is a constant promoter of all things positive in Fort McMurray and can’t wait to help share the Good News with you!