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Meet Your Muslim Neighbours Open House to Mark Quebec Shooting Anniversary

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The occasion was solemn, the solidarity was memorable. Markaz ul Islam, the Islamic Centre of Fort McMurray is inviting the community to “Meet Your Muslim Neighbours” on Saturday, January 25, 2020 to mark the third anniversary of the Sainte-Foy, Quebec City mosque terror attack of January 29, 2017. The attack left six dead, and 19 injured at the hands of Alexandre Bissonnette. The open house will run from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

“After the Quebec City tragedy, Fort McMurrayites came together to show their love and support for their Muslim neighbours, which was greatly appreciated,” recalls Naseem Abdo, event lead.

“The Mosque is arranging its annual open house to continue the tradition of bringing the community together. It is a great opportunity for everyone to get to know their Muslim neighbours while visiting their place of worship,” Abdo notes.

The free event will feature delicious cultural food, henna tattoos for ladies, and guests can get their names written in Arabic Calligraphy. In addition, there will be free pamphlets/books about Islam for those interested.

Abdo encourages everyone to attend, and to ask any questions they might have about Islam.

“Diversity is our strength, and the more we come together as a community the more united we become. This is a family friendly event, and everyone who has attended in the past had a great time. Don’t miss it,” he adds.

Markaz ul Islam is located in downtown on 9904 Gordon Ave.


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