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Mosaic Market Delights Fort McMurray

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Hundreds of residents enjoyed the third annual Mosaic Handmade Market from October 4 to 6, 2019 at MacDonald Island Park. Featuring 80 vendors with 10 local ones – artists, artisans, designers and makers got to showcase their unique inventory from across Canada.

The trade-show style event provided residents the opportunity to meet the artists in person, and learn more about their wares. Booths ranged from children’s clothes to jewellery to visual artists, and food – just to name a few.

“What separates us from other shows, and big box stores is you get to learn the artists’ stories, and feel the passion that goes in their works, because this is their livelihood. It’s a unique experience,” explains Etienne Dale, communications manager with Signatures, organizers of the Mosaic Handmade Market.

He adds, the company, which is based in Ottawa, but has majority of its shows in Alberta, searches the entire year for these artists, who have to go through a rigorous application process.

“We make sure the quality is up to a certain standard. We look at booth display, packaging, and branding. This is fine craft and high calibre. We’ve been doing this for 40 years – with 20 annual shows in 13 cities across the country.”

The show is expected to return next fall to Fort McMurray.


Kiran Malik-Khan is the Communications Manager for the Fort McMurray Public School District, and national award-winning communications professional. She is a freelance journalist, a communications professional, and a poet. She loves sharing stories about unique people, events, and organizations. Kiran is the co-founder and volunteer public relations director for NorthWord magazine, Fort McMurray's first and only literary magazine. She is also the President/Co-founder of World Hijab Day Fort McMurray. A proud Pakistani-Canadian who grew up in New Jersey, she is a fierce advocate of Fort McMurray, multiculturalism, women's rights, and equality for all. Got a story nobody is telling? Send her ideas: DM and follow on Twitter @KiranMK0822.

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