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YMM Poké Opens in Stoneycreek Village

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From a seven-star restaurant in Dubai to YMM Poké in Fort McMurray, Chef Alex Rodriguez is enjoying this new chapter in life as he helped open the first Poké restaurant in Fort McMurray. The eatery is located in Stoneycreek Village across from CIBC.

Poké is a classic Hawaiian dish. It features raw fish, but the local menu boasts chicken and beef as well to cater to different palettes. A variety of bubble teas, bubble waffle/crepe with ice cream rounds out a scrumptious menu featuring fresh ingredients like mango, avocado, and quinoa. 

Opened on July 1, YMM Poké is enjoying rave reviews.

“We’re giving the classic Poké tastes a Fort McMurray twist. We have added Teriyaki, unagi, spicy sauce, and mayonnaise to the line-up, which is not part of the classic taste featuring soy sauce and seaweed only,” explains Rodriguez.

Bubble tea flavours range from the traditional strawberry to the unique green tea, and taro. Bubble waffle, which just as the name implies is a waffle with bubbles – a Hong Kong dish - offers a yummy base to a variety of ice creams.

YMM Poké is located at 102-100 Riverstone Ridge.


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