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Financial Literacy Conference 2018

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The Fort McMurray real estate market is down, but so are the rental prices — Is it a good time to buy or lock a lease agreement? The financial markets have been returning an astonishing 14% annually since the recession of 2008 – is it bound to go up forever, or are we facing a major correction? In 2016 alone, over 36,000 Canadians reached millionaire status – Can you get there through business, real estate or investment?

The Multicultural Association of Wood Buffalo (MCA) is putting on their first Financial Literacy Conference on October 27th 2018 at the Doug Schmidt Lecture Hall at Keyano College from 9am to 3pm. This year’s line-up of speakers includes:

  • Joshua Gogo — “Debt Management and Understanding Net Worth”, LDCS Consulting
  • Matt Pate — “Retirement Planning”, IG Wealth Management
  • Tom Albrecht — “A Recent History of the Fort McMurray Housing Market”, RE/MAX, The A-Team
  • Barbara Muise & Shelly Miller — “Starting a Small Business”, Scotiabank
  • Thomas Holloway — “The Rise of the Roboadvisor — Are computers taking over investing?”, Responsive Capital Management
  • Chris Heaman — “Behavioural Finance — Obstacles to Managing Your Money”, Croft Financial Group

Presently, the MCA offers a well-rounded Financial Literacy program to approximately 80 students per year. There has been an increasing interest in this program each year and limited capacity due to classroom space. Additionally, financial literacy doesn’t end at basic financial concepts of budgeting and banking. Financial literacy education should be a life-long endeavor. Participants from the Financial Literacy program have expressed interest in learning more advanced topics and diving deeper into those topics they have already learned. It is our goal to offer them an opportunity to further their education as well as expand our reach to participants who aren’t able to access our program.

Join in for a day of learning and engagement on important topics, including: Personal Finances, Real Estate, Investments, and more!

All conference details, along with registration can be found on MCA’s website: