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Healing Through Music - Songs from the Wildfire

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It is said that music can calm anxiety, ease pain, and provide a pleasant diversion. In the weeks following the evacuation, it became very obvious that this true.

Musicians put their talents to work writing songs that told the story of the wildfire. The notes and lyrics filled us with pride for our region, and determination to rise up again. These songs truly have had a part in our healing as a community.

Here are just some of the great songs to come from this time in our history:


Country Roads - by Just Three Dames (Jennifer Dahl, Tammie Austin and Dianne Pare)


You’re McMurray Strong - Rhonda Blumdon (Apple Music)


The Fight - by Freedom’s Note

“An anthem for all of us grateful to the first responders, written, recorded and produced exclusively for the benefit of continuing the effort to raise funds for the Alberta Fires Appeal through the Red Cross.”


Alberta Strong Anthem by Neil Szybunka

“A emotional song portraying the first week of the devastating fires in Fort McMurray Alberta.

The Alberta Strong Anthem was written, sang and produced by Neil Szybunka as well as Tanner O'Dell on lead guitars.

Song is available for purchase on iTunes, funds generated by the song will be donated to disaster relief efforts.”


When the Smoke Clears - by Mark Lorenz

This song is for the people of Fort McMurray, Alberta, together we can make a difference and rebuild.... To purchase When The Smoke Clears, go to 100% of the proceeds from the single will go to the Canadian Red Cross.