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Success of the Food Drive Challenge

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With the overwhelming support of the Fort McMurray Community, we were able to run a tremendously successful Food Bank drive from February 18 until March 3, 2016.

As part of this Leadership Wood Buffalo Challenge that ran for 2 weeks, our team – the Annette’s Angels were competing head on with Moe’s Stars on a friendly battle to collect the most amount of food for the much needy Wood Buffalo Food Bank (WBFB). Each individual team’s challenge was to collect a total of 2000 lbs in donations (food and cash). Appreciating the media for their quick action to publicize our challenge and engage the community, during our 2 days Food Drive at the Save-On Foods at Stonecreek alone, both teams were able to gather a sum total of 3030.8 lbs in charitable donations, which we split between the 2 teams. As we fluttered our little angel wings, we were completely blown away by the concern and benevolent attitude shown by many of the Fort McMurray residents. We were surprised to see some residents, who had come to purchase something small like just a packet of bread, passionately donated 2 tote-bags full of food for the Food Bank. I am a first-hand witness of the amazing spirit of the Wood Buffalo community and to see how much they care about our fellow residents in desperate times. I am proud to say that our community is second to none.  

In addition to the charitable food drive at the grocery store, we also generously received through other channels like online donations, Food Bank bins at various business locations, Wood Buffalo Regional Library and even a Bughouse Chess Tournament at the YMCA.

On March 3, it was finally time for the moment of truth. The final counts were in and both challenging teams were assembled at the Food Bank Office on King Street, as Dan Edwards – the Client Services Manager for WBFB announced the final results.


The total donations (in food and cash) collected by both teams combined: 6128 lbs 

And the winner is Annette’s Angels, as they collected 3386 lbs in donations, while Moe’s Stars received 2742 lbs in charitable donations.

Both of the Leadership Wood Buffalo teams were able to over-achieve our target of 2000 lbs. Kudos to both teams for their participation in the effort to help the Wood Buffalo Food Bank. We are participants of the LWB program organized by FuseSocial, aspiring to become better community leaders, but I would like to add that the real leaders are YOU – citizens of Fort McMurray. Please give a big hand for yourself. Thanks.


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