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2016 ASA Jamboree -- March 4 - 6, 2016

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This weekend will be full of family, fun and friends as the McMurray Sno Drifters host the Alberta Snow Mobile Association jamboree!

The fun kicks off on Friday with registration at the Sawridge Hotel. Expect an evening of meets and greets, an opening ceremony, sledding videos, club storeis and skits, and food...and a special kids corner full of crafts, games and fun!

On Saturday morning the excitement starts early, with the Drillers breakfast buffet from 7 to 11 a.m., followed up by poker rally check in at 8 a.m.

Rally participants will enjoy lunch on the trail...and be sure to do the safety check at Checkstop #5 to confirm you're still safe.

Saturday evening will be a chance for more fun, with a banquet, cocktails and dinner. 


About the Poker Rally

The Poker Rally has a long run and a short run component. 

Short run: Distance is approx. 90km (55mi). Starting from the Sawridge Hotel the run is mostly flat terrain consisting of some highway right of way, cut lines, power lines and pipe lines. This is a 3 to 5 hour ride. This route is geared towards lesser experienced, younger and older riders and those who may not be up for a longer marathon like ride.

Long run: Distance is approx. 200km (125 mi) on all of our Southern Trail System. Starting from the Sawridge Hotel the run uses the same course as the Short Ride plus adding in the ‘Connector Trail’ AND ‘Stoney Mountain Loop’. The ‘Connector Trail’ and ‘Stoney Mountain Loop’ add some narrower and quite a few hilly sections to the ride and is much more scenic. There is a fuel stop at the halfway point in Anzac where premium is available. This route is geared towards the more experienced and fit riders who are able to keep up a good pace. This is a 5 to 6 hour ride. Riders must be on the trail NO LATER than 10 a.m. to enable them to be back by the 4 p.m. cut off time.