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How can attending a trade show enhance your business presence?

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Every day more and more ways to communicate continue to appear on the World Wide Web. Business communication is now primarily done via e-mails, apps, instant messaging, intranets, blogs, websites and other technology-lead methods. With direct personal communication lacking in day-to-day business, the potential for misinterpretation is growing. 

Studies show that only 7% of communication is based on the written or verbal word, while a whopping 93% is based on nonverbal body language. This makes opportunities for face-to-face business networking crucial.

The oil and gas industry, like any other business, relies heavily on the close client relationships forged within the community. Even in this modern age, events like Oil Sands Trade Show & Conference continue to be relevant to the business landscape. Trade shows allow visitors to be very productive in a concentrated amount of time by bringing relevant vendors under the same roof, at the same time. 

Visitors of these events attend primarily to keep up to date on the latest trends and developments. Oil sands professionals have this opportunity at Oil Sands Trade Show & Conference, where over 400 exhibiting companies showcase the latest technologies, products and services at the forefront of the industry. 

This direct and personal interaction between company and potential customer has an impact on either side of the transaction. Companies can enhance their brand in the marketplace by providing potential clients with an enhanced and personalized customer service experience and first-hand visual demonstration of their products and services. The interaction is equally beneficial to potential customers as studies find that personal sales pitches positively aid the buying decision and process. 

“The sector’s ongoing evolution makes it vital to remain current with the latest issues, and there’s no better source than Oil Sands Conference and its stellar line-up of speakers, panels, project updates and keynotes,” said Oil Sands Trade Show and Conference Event Director Bruce Carew. “Attending delegates can expect to gain a comprehensive overview of the current state and future outlook of the oil sands industry in this year’s program.”

With the current state of the economy, now is the time to prepare your business for the rebound by examining all current trends and technologies, while evaluating all cost-saving measures.

“Alberta’s oil sands are vital to the national economy as well as establishing a reliable source of energy to the international marketplace. This week you’ll be a part of the most comprehensive oil sands event in the world. Since 1985, we have invited the oil sands business community to come together to discuss the responsible development of this rich resource through technological advancements,” said Carew.

There are also numerous opportunities to engage with the business community to discuss challenges and ideas with other professionals and experts in the industry. The 15th edition of the Oil Sands Conference allows delegates to hear from expert panels and speakers and keep up-to-date with the very latest project developments, environmental challenges and economic opportunities. Interactive panel sessions at the conference will open the floor up and allow for discussion between industry professionals and experts. This is a dynamic manner to become engaged in the ever-evolving oil sands industry. This year’s improved conference program will see attendees hearing from expert speakers that will lead sessions, round tables and panel discussions sharing project updates and providing comprehensive overviews of the current state and future forecasts of the oil sands industry.

Join fellow colleagues and industry experts at this year’s Knowledge Bars. Knowledge Bars will be located directly on the Oil Sands exhibition floor, in two convenient locations. With sessions scheduled on the hour, these intimate gatherings are designed to create a meaningful exchange of information between buyers and sellers in a relaxed environment. The Knowledge Bar learning sessions are a medium for delegates and attendees looking for specific solutions, to share and discuss innovative solutions to industry issues and challenges. These one-on-one interactive Questions & Answer sessions will be hosted by exhibiting companies ranging in size from just a few employees to hundreds. The Bartenders will focus their sessions on solutions-based topics that are intended to help industry decision-makers prepare for what comes next. Knowledge Bar topics will range from enhancing safety management systems, improving operations or waste disposal savings to name a few.

“I encourage all visitors to visit the Knowledge Bar in Hall C to take advantage of the free education offered through case studies, project updates, and presentations on innovative advancements,” said Carew.

For the first time, the Oil Sands Conference will feature a technical component. Made up of four tracks of technical sessions – Emerging Technologies, Cost Effective Technologies, Health, Safety & Risk Assessment and Analysis & Business Performance – this extensive educational program gives delegates the opportunity to participate in roundtable sessions, knowledge bars and a keynote luncheon. The program identifies new, cost-effective technologies, addresses new regulations, discusses the energy forecast for the region and establishes innovative ways to overcome operational challenges during this vital time for Canada’s energy marketplace.

Social interaction between clients, colleagues and experts can be found at highly anticipated and well-attended networking events held during the show. Whether you’re hitting the links at the 13th Annual ‘Sand-Trapped’ Golf Tournament, grabbing drinks at the Beer Garden or mingling at the popular BIG Party, Oil Sands Trade Show & Conference has plenty of opportunities to network in a more relaxed and informal setting.

The newly renovated Suncor Community Leisure Centre will make this year’s event one of the best ever.

“The new and improved facilities at the Shell Community Leisure Centre will improve the exhibition experience and tie us closer to the community,” said Carew. “We also acknowledge the team at MacDonald Island Park who work closely with us to create new strategies to provide easier access to the venue.” 

With over 400 exhibiting companies, this is the event for the oil sands industry and the only place to see all of these businesses in one place.

“Across the exhibition’s indoor and outdoor exhibits you’ll find hundreds of companies, many of which are brand new for 2015. Across their many areas of specialty – whether production, safety, or environment – these are the leaders of the sector, so make the most of this opportunity to keep current and get familiar with the latest equipment and technology driving the industry,” said Carew. 

If you are an oil sands professional looking to enhance your industry presence and knowledge, try taking your attention away from the screen and engage directly within the community at Oil Sands Trade Show & Conference. Register to attend the business gateway for the oil sands community at and get face-to-face with the people of the oil sands sector, September 15 & 16 at the Suncor Community Leisure Centre.

“Basing this conference in the heart of the Canadian oil sands means that we are a driving force behind the resurgence of the industry on both a domestic and international stage,” said Carew. “By taking part in this conference you are preparing your business for the rebound, while also distinguishing your brand. Join us at the Oil Sands Trade Show & Conference and stand strong with your industry.”


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