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HERMISSION: A healthy balance between femininity and strength

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I grew up with quitting not in my vocabulary. You start something, you damn well finish it.”
Deprise H – founder.

As girls grow into women, the security and familiarity of childhood shifts towards a more independent blueprint. We become less likely to share struggles with our friends, let alone with strangers. A sense of independent competition replaces what was formally a sense of girlpower. We are often taking on huge challenges all by ourselves.

As children and youth, we play roles on teams, as part of groups, clubs and organizations. That sense of being part of something is a significant support network as we grow up. It teaches us to encourage, support and applaud each other. One of our members shares her story of growing up as a team based athlete, and the support you receive.


Having grown up playing team sports, I was used to having an incredible team around me. On the days I had no desire to run one more lap, take one more shot or lift any of my limbs, I always had a friend by my side to help cheer me on! After high school, I worked out alone and would often give up before a workout was done, would take days off and eventually stopped going to the gym at all.”
Sarah M – member.


Without accountability, progress or even a cheerleader, our personal growth, physical goals or spiritual development can be slowed or halted completely. This was what promoted our founder to create HerMission.

HerMission is a women’s wellness network that focuses on empowering all through the sharing of personal mission/stories and experiences. Our group provides a safe place for people on all types of mission, whether mental or physical, to experience unconditional support and positive reinforcement. We focus on the idea that not every woman’s journey is the same. Some women are trying to gain muscle, some are trying to lose weight and some are just trying to find mental happiness.

What we recognize at HerMission is that some women don’t have a safe place to turn for empowerment, support, guidance or just a cheerleader. Most of us have a different story, had a different struggle, a different goal, or path. But many of us reach for similar tools when we struggle, and the biggest tool is support.

One of our members shares her story about wanting to gain weight (I know, get your chin off the floor, but for some women this is a real goal and one that is really hard to achieve)!


There seems to be no way of winning in this society. You're either too fat or too skinny. In my case, it's that I'm too skinny. I've never really considered myself to be "too skinny". People look at me and tell me I need to eat more. Trust me, I eat. I used to love the way I am but people seem to have a negative approach. I get pushed in crowds, I get told I look twelve and people are just not nice about it.”
Courtney S – member.


Another member reminds us to celebrate our bodies after her struggle with performance enhancing drugs and her body image landed her in the hospital.


I have embraced my femininity. That bit of fat above my butt? I'll take it. The back of my legs that aren't flawlessly toned? Sure. Belly rolls? Check. If you are healthy that is what is important. Want a piece of cake? Have one. Friends are ordering pizza? You are too. Go to the gym as much as you desire but always stay humble, because I didn't and it almost cost my my life.”
Robyn M – member.

HerMission is growing and we want you to be a part of our team. Want to be a #girlboss? Need a #girlboss to help you get back on track? Just want to be surrounded by modern day #girlbosses?! Sign up for a membership and join us for our upcoming group challenges. Contact us to share your story, ideas, recipes, blog posts and more! Check us our for more information at

-Photos: Deprise Hutton


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