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Laughter is the Best Medicine

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Is there a doctor in the house? Because some side-spliting, gut-busting comedy is coming to Fort McMurray this Summer. Beginning Sunday, June 28th, the Tavern on Main is hosting The Wrath of Shaw Comedy Show, a brand new comedy variety show featuring local Wood Buffalo comedy performers! 

What exactly does this show entail? You can expect to see stand-up comedy, improv, wild characters and crazy sketches. Among the local talent are performers from Thunder Struck Improv, a popular improv comedy troupe run by Zachary Barrett and Dave Boutilier. Thunder Struck Improv was formed as a community improv group that meets on a regular basis to hone their skills at being quick-of-mind and swift-of-foot. Thunder Struck Improv has become a cornerstone of the Wrath of Shaw Comedy Show, and provides a unique blend of different local performers performing hilarious sketches, and utilizing audience suggestions... even the crazy ones. 

You can also expect to see Newfoundland comic “Newfie” Neil Fiander share his brand of humour with the Wrath of Shaw Comedy Show. Newfie Neil will take you on a wild roller-coaster ride of laughs from subjects about past relationships, to being on the road touring with his two best friends.  According to Newfie Neil, You will find yourself laughing at things your would normally shake your head at. 

Among seasoned performers, the show hopes to attract new acts to come and hone their comedic chops. “I really hope to see some new performers take to the stage,” says Justin Shaw, the show runner. “You never know, the next Jim Carrey or Jerry Seinfeld could happen to be the same guy who serves you a double-double at Tim Horton's every morning. You never know unless you try!”

Show runner Justin Shaw is a comedian from Prince Edward Island. Justin has been performing improv since 2011, and has spent the past year performing stand-up comedy in Montreal with studying acting at the National Theatre School of Canada. Upon moving to Fort McMurray last year, he could not help but notice the strong theatre presence in community. With such a strong presence, he contemplated the possibility of producing a summertime comedy show featuring the local talent. With the help of his co-producer, Jennifer Townsend, they were able to book a run of shows at the Tavern on Main. 

“I think it’s a great way not only to provide some entertainment for the community, but a really fun way to get different comedy performers in town involved and working together,” says Justin. This show guarantees to give the community a show unlike any other they have ever seen before. Justin hopes that after The Wrath of Shaw Comedy Show is finished at the end of August, more local comedy shows will be performed in the community. 

Showtime is 8:30pm, and is 18+. Shows run June 28th, July 12th, July 26th, August 9th, and August 23rd. For more information, you can find the Wrath of Shaw Comedy Show on Facebook ( or Twitter (@Wrath_of_Shaw). If you have any questions, or curious about how to become part of the show, message


JUSTIN SHAW is an actor and comedian from Prince Edward Island, who lives in Fort McMurray, and studies in Montreal. Confused? Be thankful you’re not his tax-collector. Justin got his start in comedy in 2011 in Charlottetown, PEI, performing in Popalopalots Live Improv Comedy, aBigWHAT Sketch Comedy, as well as stand-up comedy. In 2014, he moved to Montreal to study acting at the National Theatre School of Canada. While in Montreal, Justin continued performing stand-up at various bars and comedy shows, including the pro-am at Yuk Yuks, the Comedy Nest, and Battlecom. As well as running the Wrath of Shaw Comedy Show, Justin is currently a co-producer of Montreal’s 902 Comedy Show. With an array of bizarre observations, and ridiculous character voices at his disposal, Justin is excited to bring the Wrath of Shaw Comedy Show to life!