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200 Words About... Gods Acre

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"It's strange how an idea can grow and consume your daily life. It's even more so when your idea changes from a thought to a reality. I'm now in the process of making this transition. For nearly a year my short film Gods Acre has been in development. It's about a traditionalist aboriginal man in a world that is forcing him to change. He is a bushman that lives on the same land as his family before him. Now, the global climate is changing and causing water levels to rise to the point his home is in danger. He is forced to leave his only home or adapt.


After months of trying to perfect the script, we are finally finished. We now have a great cast and crew, including Lorne Cardinal, known for his role in CTV's Corner Gas. We plan on shooting in the Wood Buffalo area and getting the youth involved to learn from our experienced cast and crew.

I feel as if my five years in the film industry have lead up to this moment. Ever since my writing partner and I conjured up this idea, it has been our main focus. Now, closer then ever, we need your support. We created a campaign on Indiegogo where you can help fund our short film for all sorts of percs. Every time someone gives a dollar or shares our campaign it helps! You can find our link below to learn more about the project and how you can help. We'll keep everyone posted with our progress. Thanks.


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