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Nightlife Review

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SO, IT’S UFC FIGHT NIGHT, YOU’RE READY TO HUNKER DOWN with some buddies and beers to watch the guy in the black trunks take on the guy in the red trunks. And you’re hoping the guy in the black trunks wins… or you’re buying the next round.


Luckily, we live in a city where our bars love the UFC as much as we do, so we have some options for the perfect fight night hang out.

Longshots. Podollan. BPs. Live Bar and Grill.

No matter where you’re heading, you want to go early. Trust me, if you’re hitting up the bars on fight night, getting there before 7:00 p.m. is a must if you want a good view of the big screen. As a bonus, if you’ve been hanging around for a while before the show starts, most of our gracious hosts will waive your cover charge.

LONGSHOTS, being a Riders bar, is one of the best places in town to catch the CFL. In fact, it’s one of the best spots in town for sports watching, period, and hitting it up for the UFC is no exception. With a big screen on the back wall, with several others scattered throughout, you’ve got a view from every table. Grab a pint of Keith’s and build yourself a burger or hotdog from the Longshots menu for an unforgettable fight time meal.

PODOLLAN becomes a hub of fight time activity during UFC. With a huge screen, large seating area, and pool tables, even once the fights are over and done with it’s a great spot to chill out. Order a bucket of Corona,
with lime slices (not lemons), and a protein platter for a UFC feast.

BOSTON PIZZA is your uptown destination for a fighting extravaganza. With great food and awesome service, it’s a fantastic place, not too far from home for most, to go for some action. Ask for a fishbowl, grab some hot wings, and settle into one of their booths before the first tap out.

LIVE BAR AND GRILL, an up-and-coming bar in Fort Mac is the ‘shiny and new’ where Delaney’s once was below Nomad Inn. Gorgeous waitresses, a menu to die for and George Clooney shots are more than enough of a warm up for some UFC fun.

Winner by a knock out? You tell me.

Each of these spots is perfect depending on the atmosphere you want for your fight night fun!

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