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Hot Wheels

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The car: 2011 FireBreather Camaro SS

Cost: $85,000

Features: 600 hp, LED taillights and halo head lamps with eyebrow lighting, super charged 6.2VL V8 engine.

You’re killing me:  The owner of the car says he isn’t much of a car guy. He’s never driven it past 100 km/hr and mostly uses it to cruise around town.

Even if you had the cash to spend on this car, it’s unlikely that you could get your hands on one.  The 2011 Firebreather Camaro SS is a hero car, made for the movie Jinn (coming to theatres this summer), and only 50 were put into production.  Designed by Exxodus Pictures and created by Classic Design Concepts, the FireBreather boasts a graphic tattoo that indicates the serial number and initials of the writer/director of the movie.

 The owner – a genuine good guy and as un-Hollywood as they come – responds with a quiet chuckle when I ask if people on the street stop and stare when he drives by. 

“They do. I once saw a guy driving a tractor-trailer beside me and he was filming the car as he drove.  I’m thinking ‘really?”

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