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Events Wood Buffalo

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By the time this edition of YMM hits the streets the 2013 Syncrude winterPLAY Festival will be in full swing kicking off a yearlong season of festivals, events, workshops, and parades that the EWB Team and partners create, plan and execute every year.

Events Wood Buffalo aka EWB has been in and around this community for a long time but we used to be known as the Fort McMurray InterPLAY Society. Formed 22 years ago by a group of dedicated and passionate volunteers, in 2008 we morphed into Events Wood Buffalo with the help of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, and the rest, as they say, is history.

 We’re still growing and improving, just like this town, expanding into a new office in the Kirschner Building on the corner of Manning and Main. With Executive Director David Whitelock at the helm over the past year, the EWB Team has seen some major changes – saying hello to a whole new complement of staff, creating a completely new festival (Big Spirit) and now we’re fully immersed in another year of action-packed festivals and events.

As soon as 2013 Syncrude winterPLAY wraps up, we’ll be planning and preparing our next big thing – Canada Day Celebrations which is really just an excuse to throw a big party with live music, fireworks, a parade, and anything else we can dream up.

About a month later the TransAlta interPLAY Festival will be taking over the streets of downtown Fort McMurray with live theatre, art, film, dance, and music. Outdoor stage + beer garden + chips-on-a-stick = summer awesomeness!

The EWB Team gets pretty excited about what we do - creating festivals and events that engage with this diverse and wonderful region we call home. We think you’re an essential part of what we do and we need your input. Be a part of growing our community together, drop us a line -, friend us on Facebook -, follow us on Twitter - #Events_YMM. We’d love to hear from you.

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