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Nightlife Review

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YMM Film Hangouts and Gamers Lounges

It’s early in the evening and you’re at home, on your lonesome, playing video games or watching a movie (probably on Netflix). You look from side to side and sigh. Another night doing the same old thing you do every night and it’s not taking over the world, Pinky. You log on to Facebook to see if anything cool is going on that might coax you away from the couch and you see a couple of group invites. “Fort McMurray Filmmakers Association” and “Fort McMurray Gaming Association”. You shrug, You like both of these things and decide, what’s the harm in joining?

The Fort McMurray Filmmakers Association (the YMMFMA) and the Fort McMurray Gaming Association (the FMGA) are both non-profit associations right here in Fort McMurray. The YMMFMA is run by five local filmmakers and the FMGA is run by five local gaming enthusiasts. And yes, I know this doesn’t seem like the regular style ‘nightlife’ article, however, (if you bear with me) one of the things these associations have in common are the activities they have on the go in the evenings.

About once a month, both the YMMFMA and FMGA put on ‘hang-outs’ and ‘gamers lounges’ where a group of likeminded folks get together and either watch and learn how to make films, or game.

The YMMFMA have put on several hangouts, where they’ve had a PJ party / old school cartoon watching marathon (with breakfast cereal and milk included), watched the documentary ‘Vanishing of the Bees’ narrated by Ellen Page, complete with honey themed treats, and their first birthday party, where you could decorate your own cupcakes and watch local, Fort McMurray-made films. They also are the hosts of Film Fear – Fort McMurray’s premier horror film festival during Hallowe’en, Nightflix – movies in the park, WinterReels – a winter film festival and the big one, The Fort McMurray International Film Festival held in August, with both local films, films from all over the world and the ever popular ’48 hour challenge’.

The FMGA so far have hosted the Canada Day Gaming Lounge at MacDonald Island park, with a Halo 4 Tournament, Mario Kart 8 Tournament, E for Everyone game zone, M for Mature game zone, Retro gaming, DS gaming patio, Bake Sale, Used game and console sale and Nerdvana collectables booth as well as a smaller scale gaming lounges with a BYO portable gaming devices, tabletop games, retro games and a Mario Kart 8, Xbox One and PS4 game station. There is also talk of a Rock Band Tournament coming up in the near future.

They also each have a Facebook group set up, where people from the YMMFMA arrange filming of short films and need cast and crew, watch films (Marvel premiere night at the theatre anyone?) and just chat movies. The people from the FMGA have gaming hang outs outside of the scheduled events and buy and sell games and consoles, as well as discuss all the latest and greatest in the gaming world.

In other words, these guys know how to have an awesome time and it’s happening right under your nose. Excellent films, wicked video games and great times with great people. If you aren’t hanging out with these crowds, you are seriously missing out. Check them out on Facebook – and and Twitter - @YMMFMA and @FMGA for all the Film and Gaming action you could ever need, right here in Fort McMurray.