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Nightlife Review By YMM Party Gal Ashley Laurenson

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YMM Summer: The Glorious Pub Crawl Returns!

Summer has made its triumphant return, pushing away any doubt that it was ever coming at all with hot sun shiny rays of golden goodness, never-ending days and cold, cold beer. Of course, for those of you who remember, last summer I encouraged you to pub crawl your way through those endless summer days by visiting several patios in town, namely Fox Den at MacDonald Island Park, Wood Buffalo Brewing Company and Prime Social Kitchen.

Well friends, the glorious Pub Crawl returns and we have more stops than ever before!

This year we are starting downtown at one of my personal favourites, Alexander’s Lounge. Located all the way at the other end of Franklin in the Merit Hotel, Alexander’s is just the spot to get this party started. It’s a typical lounge, with a large sweeping bar, fireplace and televisions no matter where you look. There’s one table that’s perfect for the crawl start, so cover it in enough pints of Keith’s (obviously) to go round, and let’s get this party started!

Of course, there is technique in Pub crawling. Start slow. I know, it sounds lame. The first thing you probably want to do is chug-chug-chug. My advice? Don’t. Start this thing out in first gear and slowly pan up to cruise control, or you risk ending up too drunk, too fast and may miss most of the party when you throw up en route to the next bar and someone calls a cab to take you home. Boo!

Since it’s summer time (and no one should be driving during a pub crawl anyway) saunter on over to Original Joe’s! The food and service is second to none, and by now you should probably eat a little something to line that stomach. Normally, I would recommend the Butter Chicken, but since you’re drinking I would go with, well, any one of their delectable burgers. Line that stomach so you can pub crawl, without the crawling. They also have a fantastic range of booze-ohol at Original Joe’s, so keeping the juice flowing is not going to be a problem. I definitely recommend the Iceberg! It’s beer with a hunk of lime slush dolloped on top. Delicious and refreshing.

It’s a bit of a hike to our next location, but the patio and booths are definitely worth it. If you guessed Moxie’s, come on down! Moxie’s is an excellent stop on your booze-fueled adventure, because it’s nice and roomy and by now, your pub crawl is probably going to be at full capacity. That generally means that the drinking quotient is at full capacity too. So if you’re ready to move over to the hard stuff, get a Moxie’s size GT, if it’s still beer time, go for the Big Life Beer. Maybe order the Med Bread too (add cheese, trust me) to keep that stomach lining on the go, especially if you are moving over to the hard stuff.

KARAOKE TIME! If you’re heading on your crawl Thursday, Friday or Saturday night, Bailey’s Pub in the Stonebridge Hotel is a must on your agenda. Almost every pub-crawl I’ve been on has a diva (or five) ready to rock the microphone! If there aren’t any people ready to dominate the stage, well, drink until you’re brave and sing, dance and party the night away.

If Karaoke isn’t your group’s thing however, we do have a contingency plan. At the time this article was written, this new uptown gem hadn’t yet opened its doors to the general public, however, I’m told it’s going to be Fort McMurray’s new hot spot for classy debauchery. Their Facebook page boasts a menu to die for (especially after the extensive drinking you’ll have partaken in), tonnes of space, live bands and more. Finish the night off with some dancing, posh lounging and maybe a little drinking game at Sociables Lounge Bar – Fort McMurray.

So there you have it folks. A Pub Crawl for the ages. Of course, feel free to add in or substitute any of the aforementioned locations with your favourite hangouts. It always pays to call ahead to the locations you choose to hit on your drinking journey, reservations aren’t always a must but certainly help and sometimes you can even score discounts for your crawl group! There’s always the potential to pick up stragglers along the way too, the more the merrier. You can always kick things up a notch by hiring a Party Bus to follow your progress for the evening and take you from door to door. Saves recruiting designated drivers if there’s some distance between your hangouts, and it is a party spot all on its own. Good luck brave traveller, and let the summer pub crawls begin! See you out there!