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YMM Party Gal Ashley Laurenson's Nightlife Review

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The Fort McMurray Airport is taking off in all new ways. A much needed expansion of runways, luggage carousels, parking, check in desks and boarding areas just waiting for the people of Fort McMurray and beyond to put them to good use.

However, as we all know, the technical side isn’t the only part of the airport getting an upgrade. When you have over a million people a year travelling through your doors, it’s important to take care of more than just their luggage. That’s where, we’ll call it, ‘Airport entertainment’ comes in. A roundup of food and fineries for you to enjoy upon arrival or departure from our fair city. Nicolby’s Convenience, Chocolates and Candlelight, Duty Free, Starbucks, Jugo Juice, Mary Browns, Tim Hortons, Burger King, Subway, Earls and Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria.

Yes, you read correctly, Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria is coming to Fort McMurray. One of the hottest eating spots with locations in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto. The Edmonton location won Edmonton’s Golden Fork in several categories for 2013. After spending the summer of ‘05 living in Italy and Naples, where he found his love for the fire-roasted pizzas that are renowned in the region, the owner Justin Lussier immediately called Jason Allard and Christian Bullock. Soon enough Famoso was on its way to being born.

With one of the largest authentic Neapolitan pizza selections available in Alberta, desserts to die for and a beverage menu as long as my arm, Famoso Neapolitan Pizza is going to be the new hot spot in YMM. Especially since the owners Lussier, Allard and Bullock have trained with the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (VPN). It’s an organisation that looks to preserve the standards of an authentic Neapolitan Pizza, so you know it’s the real Naples deal.

Now, here’s one of the interesting features of the Famoso Menu. They have a Vino selection. Wine, wine, wine, from Naples to Napa Valley. Their extensive wine menu goes rather well with a feature they like to call ‘Vino Wednesday’, that’s $10 off any bottles, or $1 off any 9 oz glass all day long. (Looks like I’ll be making sure my flights are Wednesdays from now on…)

While it may be a bit of a hike to head out to the airport just for supper, the promise of authentic Neapolitan pizza is just too good to miss. Why not make a night of it? Girl’s night: Book a suite at the Nova Hotel, head over to Famoso, share some appies, a couple of bottles of wine… maybe play some truth like you used to back in the day. Or next time you’re taking off to Vegas, check in a couple of hours early so you can enjoy the wonderful atmosphere before heading through security for your flight.

The best of all is that Famoso is going to be outside security in our new terminal, so whether you are flying or not, you can still enjoy their warm, lively atmosphere.