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Trivia Night @ Tavern

It’s Monday. The weekend is long over, its glamour washed away with the makeup down the sink, and bars everywhere are still trying to get that sticky vodka-cran residue off their floor. There’s a pile of paperwork on your desk the size of a small pickup, your boss is cranky due to his/her divorce/newborn/car problems/missing dog and you just need to sweep away the Monday blues and start fresh on Tuesday.

Well, that’s where Trivia Night @ Tavern comes in! With a gorgeous hostess, a beer list as long as my arm and tasty food on the menu, Mondays never looked so good.

The only regularly scheduled Trivia night in Fort McMurray, Trivia Night @ Tavern, happens at 7:30PM every Monday (including holidays) and was started way back in September 2012. Steph Link, the aforementioned hostess is a fun loving lady who really makes the night a success (she’s the one with the earpiece microphone… kindly sponsored by Sound Obsessions).

Trivia Night @ Tavern consists of four rounds of ten questions each, plus a visual round. Like any good competition, there are a couple of rules. No groping the host (if it’s a rule it must have happened), no smartphones (aka no Google, aka Trivia Night just got difficult), don’t yell out the answers (it’s not Bingo.) and drink.

Just so you have a head start next Monday, I’ll let you know about the ‘Special Questions’ Steph Link also lines up. Scattered throughout the four rounds are four ‘special questions’ that follow the same formula each week: Secret Contributor Question – Stephs friend gives her one question to ask every Monday, Phobia Question – along the lines of ‘What is Pteronophobia?’ (Fear of being tickled by feathers), Strange Holiday – What strange holiday is it that Monday and The Fort McMurray Question – ‘What disaster did Neil Young compare Fort McMurray to that is trending on Twitter?’… just as a couple of examples.

Here’s my Trivia Night @ Tavern tactic: Follow @TriviaNightTav on Twitter. Look up ‘strange holiday’ while at work. Trust me; some of them will put a smile on your face (even on a Monday). Google Phobias; brush up on those fears. Check out what’s trending on the #YMM feed on twitter (Steph has a habit of using Fort McMurray trends) or delve into our rich history. As for the secret contributor question, I can’t really help out there but it’s normally pretty difficult. Go to Tavern on Monday night early to get a good seat. Order yourself a beer and a poutine… with bacon. Finally, settle in with three of your smartest friends and get ready to show off how clever you are!

What’s the best part you ask? Why, being crowned Trivia Champion of course! There are prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, as well as best team name, so if you’re pretty witty, you can go home with a prize, maybe even two!

So that’s it, the formula to cure the Mondays. Go to Trivia Night @ Tavern. Eat, drink and be a smarty pants.