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Love is in the air, everywhere you look around. The retail stores have adorned themselves in pinks and glitter hearts, girls are fawning over shiny trinkets in flashy brochures and guys are running around in a 13th of february panic. It must be valentine’s season.

No matter what your story (kicking it single style, romancing a new beau or celebrating lasting love), I’m here to tell you about the three hottest spots in Fort McMurray for finding love, starting love and keeping it this Valentine’s.

For the singles

The night of the Valentine is always tricky for those searching for love. Alas, do not fret, I have just the place for you. If you plan on heading out and not curling up with a carton of ice cream (the second of those is certainly not recommended), hit up the Wood Buffalo Brew House. Its casual, fun-loving atmosphere will attract singles from all over YMM. And, if you don’t want to do V Day alone, hit up one of their roomy booths with a bunch of single friends! Order up a sampler for the guys, some Fort Mac themed cocktails for the girls and get to mingling...Mr. or Miss Right is out there and looking for a good time. If the evening carries on and the mood takes you there, why not hit up Paddy McSwiggins later for some dancing, Valentines shots and pool, because sometimes folks looking for love could use the luck of the Irish.

For the new loves

It’s your first Valentine’s Day, so right after picking up that bouquet of roses she’ll swoon over or those cufflinks your man has had his eyes on, head over to Atmosfere for those reservations you placed (and yes, make sure you have reservations, it’s the busiest day of restaurant year!). With a broad menu, excellent wait staff and to-die-for desserts, the pressure of your first Valentines is whisked away. The romance will take care of itself! Holding hands and making eyes across the table, shared giggles and appetisers, a shy exchange of hand picked gifts… Atmosfere really is the perfect atmosphere to relish in the excitement of a new love story.

For the long lasting love

You’ve been together through many a Valentine season, and whether it’s the third, seventh or twentieth, it’s still so important to take the day to celebrate your lasting love. Prime Social Kitchen is currently YMM’s hottest date night spot. Whether you want to head out for some wine and snacks for a low key V Day in the bar or have a full course meal with all the fixings, Prime is the place to go for your evening out. Its dark, handsome interiors are perfectly lit to set the mood to romance. Prime’s premium wine menu, excellent selection of appetizers to share and mouth-watering entrees put it on the top of the Valentine’s Day Dining list for 2014. So head up the hill, chocolates, cologne and shiny treats all wrapped with a bow and relax. Enjoy watching your handsome man’s eyes light up when the juicy steak hits the table and wonder at curve of her smile as she unwraps a trinket and whispers, “You shouldn’t have.”

There you have it, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and your plans have already been taken care of! Guys, just make sure you’re showered, shaved, iron that shirt like your mom always nagged, and have a little something ready and wrapped (hopefully in advance). Ladies, gussy up, spritz a little of your favourite, sexy perfume, slip into the little black dress you know he’ll love, and be prepared to be swept off your feet. Love is in the air, everywhere you look around, so enjoy it!