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Hot Wheels - That closer look at the wicked cars you see around town

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There’s a reason that this car is usually photographed with a semi-naked blonde sprawled across the hood. This is the car that made you fall in love with cars. And blondes. In that order.

The car: 2009 Corvette z06

Stats: 505 hp, 475 ft-lb-tq, top speed of 200 mph. Aluminium frame with carbon fibre body. 0-6 mph in 3.6 seconds.

The word from “The aerodynamics of the Z06’s was shaped by the experiences of the Corvette racing program, where high-speed stability and cornering capability are paramount. And while the race-cars use large rear wings, the Z06’s elevated spoiler provides sufficient downforce to balance the road-worthy front splitter without adversely affecting aerodynamic drag.”

The word from the car’s owner, who has one of the best man-caves in Fort Mac: “I purchased the car because I had a ride in my buddy’s car in Calgary and I was impressed with the power and handling. Plus it’s nice to show and shine.”