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Dance Clubs Fort McMurray

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NEWFIE CLUB – Start here… then end the night here.

Not exactly your conventional dance club, The Newfoundlanders Club (see: Newfie Club) is a YMM gem. Located down on Reidel Street, the Newfie Club is a salute to the Newfie way of life.

Not many dance clubs have a menu, but if you’re looking for some newfie grub before heading on your night out, their loaded menu has you (and your stomach) covered. From home fries with dressing and gravy to fish and chips to Jiggs dinner, The Newfie club is the perfect starter bar on your dance club adventure.

If you plan on staying a little later into the evening, get ready for a dance floor to appear, a DJ to pop up in the booth, and a collaboration of country and traditional Newfoundland music to blast down the building. Needless to say, the Newfoundland Club attracts patrons of all ages (18+ please). On any regular night out there I’ve been able to party with newbies to the drinking scene, as well as people my mom hangs out with on a regular basis.

The atmosphere is created by the club goers, the beers are steadily poured, and the dancing is top notch.

Start here and finish here, the Newfoundland Club is the perfect beginning and end to a dancer’s night out.

CLUB NV – The dance party hub

YMM’s central hub of the dance party nature, Club NV is always teeming with excitement. One of our largest bars, NV is located next to the Peter Pond Mall.

Club NV is a melting pot of every walk of Fort Mac life. Ed Hardy shirts, rockers, and country lovers all get down at NV. With gorgeous waitresses and bartenders doing bottle tricks, there’s something for everyone. And with a capacity of 800, everyone can get in on the good nights.

NV is a perfectly equipped club, with several bars for the busier times of night, two washrooms for each sex and, of course, a massive dance floor. VIP passes are available for purchase on their website for those who despise lines, and NV also provides bottle service and private VIP areas for the elite party crowd.

Ladies, wear your little black dress and heels (but throw in a pair of those handy in-purse flats for when you wanna shake your tail feather). Guys, throw on some dark wash jeans and a band shirt, flannel shirt, Ed Hardy shirt, or collared shirt—anything goes, just make sure you put a shirt on.

Open Thunder Thursdays for Top Forty night, Female Fridays (no cover for your girls’ night out), and Sexy Saturdays. No rules, no restrictions—just get down and dirty at NV. Also the host of many concert events, NV plans to host at least one large gig per month. Previous shows included My Darkest Days, Finger 11, DJ Drama Diablos, and J Roc of the Soul’d Out Dj’s.

Their in-house DJs play a range of music, including rock, country, hip hop and electronic dance music. At one point during my visit, a waitress got on stage and Karaoke-styled Five Finger Death Punch’s Under and Over It.

If fun loving staff, drinks being poured, and a high energy crowd is what you’re looking for, Club NV should be on the top of your priority list.

WHISKEY ULTRA LOUNGE – Party time, uptown style.

If you’d rather stay uptown (for those of you who are over the bridge) Whiskey is your go-to party destination. Tucked behind the Safeway in Thickwood, this bass-throbbing lounge is equipped for both casual drinks and late night (early morning) rave sessions.

With a hardwood dance floor, pool tables, and an LED lit bar, Whiskey is definitely on the dance party map.

A club with a younger crowd, Whiskey tends to attract those newer to the partying scene.

Tending to veer more towards the electronic dance music, from Whiskey you can expect drum and bass, dubstep and techno filled eardrums. As for my recommended drink selection, go with Red Bull and vodka or Jägerbombs, to keep your body moving to the beat.

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