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McMurray Junior Badminton Club

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An Olympic sport since 1992, badminton is the fastest racquet sport in the world with over 200 million players worldwide. It is a sport that requires quick reaction times, muscular strength and athletic endurance.

McMurray Junior Badminton Club was founded in 1991 and registered as a non-profit organization in 2002. The junior club provides an opportunity for youth in the community to learn, play and develop their skills in badminton. The junior club is run by a group of dedicated volunteer coaches who love badminton and want to provide an opportunity for youth to learn and enjoy the sport.

Players in the club range from 10 to 18 years of age. Starting with basic hand-eye coordination, footwork, and agility, players learn the fundamental skills for athletic development. As they advance through the program, players develop a strong badminton technique, tactical strategy, and good sportsmanship. The program prepares players for provincial and national competitions, by teaching them to set their goals both in sports, academics, and life. It helps them make decisions and build confidence when in a competitive environment to achieve their goals.

Members of the McMurray Junior Badminton Club have competed at various levels of competition including regional, provincial, and national tournaments. Examples include ASAA School Provincials, Badminton Alberta Junior Circuit, Alberta Winter Games, and Arctic Winter Games. The McMurray Junior Badminton Club also hosts an annual Open tournament for ages 10 to 19.

The McMurray Junior Badminton Club receives volunteer grants from Syncrude Canada Ltd., Suncor Energy, and Nexen Inc. The funding is used to subsidize players who attend out of city competitions and player development workshops. It also enables the club to provide affordable membership fees.

The club believes in preparing the next generation of coaches and proponents of the sport. I joined McMurray Jr. Badminton Club when I was six years old. I was taught badminton by volunteer coaches who dedicated their time to developing young badminton athletes. I competed in a number of competitions including Alberta Winter Games, and Alberta Summer Games. I completed my Level 1 NCCP Badminton Coaching certification when I was 16 years old and became a Certified Regional Umpire for Badminton Alberta when I was 17. I love badminton and it’s my passion. When I graduated from university, I wanted to help develop the next generation of young badminton athletes in Fort McMurray by teaching them the technical skills and knowledge for both on-court and off-court success.

Whether at a recreational or competitive level, everyone can enjoy playing badminton. There are a number of facilities to play badminton in Fort McMurray including Syncrude Health and Wellness Center, MacDonald Island Park Field House, and Shell Place. The Fort McMurray Adult Badminton Club is a group of badminton players who meet three times a week in Holy Trinity High School and is open to the community. Badminton is a great sport for all ages and helps to keep players both mentally and physically fit.


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