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Letter from the Editor

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The holiday season always brings about the obligatory watching of my favourite movie – Love Actually. Its premise is that “love actually is all around” and they use an airport terminal to very clearly define their theme. Around the same time that I watched the movie, I began rehearsals for Hometown… The Musical at Keyano Theatre, whose storyline is also based in an airport terminal. In fact, the story written by Michael Beamish, is based in the future international airport here in YMM.

By the time you are reading this issue, more than 100 community members wi l have taken to the stage at Keyano Theatre to showcase their thousands of hours of hard work over many months. I am truly honoured to be part of this cast and crew and have made so many friends that I know will be part of my life for years to come. I want to thank Claude and Michael for pushing me and giving me the opportunity to be a part of the madness!

Airports really do see it all. From the fights, the crying, embraces, embarrassing moments, all of which can be life changing. The airport is a witness to all the various scenes in our lives, the comings and goings, the beginnings and the endings.

There is no debate surrounding the need for a new, larger, more modern Fort McMurray airport. Good news is we’ll have it in 2014. With the addition of customs and international flights already happening, we’re well on our way to a fully international terminal that will connect us to the rest of the world, faster, more easily, and more economically.

I always said that this magazine would be real to me the moment I saw a stranger reading it. That moment came at the YMM airport. I was with my fiancé Jason and we were waiting to board our flight to St. John’s for the holidays when I saw a man reading what I could see was my letter from the editor. It was a strange, but oddly exciting feeling, knowing that the words and stories that all our contributors had put so many hours into were being read. Whoever you are – thanks for deciding to read YMM that day back in December.

Krista Balsom


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