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Six On / Six Off

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6 On

Tommy Gun’s

Want a real man’s haircut? Hit up Tommy Gun’s and take advantage of their great services. Free drinks, snacks, and arcade games to boot, plus a wide selection of men’s grooming products. It’s a win-win. They also own Fat Franks. What a company!

Keyano College Theatre

If you haven’t noticed, Keyano Theatre is bringing the heat this season. From Extremities to Calendar Girls it’s been a seriously great lineup. Don’t be afraid, gentlemen, and besides, the ladies love it when a man has an artistic side. Oh, you can grab a beverage pre-show.

Curtis J. Phillips and Larry Farough

Fort McMurray is a young town, but we have legends that have been here for years and others with phenomenal stories to tell. Curtis can tell you everything about Fort McMurray, while 100.5 K-Rock 2012 Person of the Year Larry is our version of Dos Equis’ most interesting man.

Wood Buffalo Brewing Company

This dandy place has officially opened. Craft microbrew made in Alberta, great food, and a great vibe. We’re in. Located at the Morrison Centre, it’s perfectly located just down the road from MacDonald Island and the upcoming Franklin Square.

Northern Insights

The Fort McMurray Public Library has introduced a new speaker series: Northern Insights. The Tipping Point author and highly respected yet accessible intellectual Malcolm Gladwell kicked off the series on January 30 at MacDonald Island, while Bill Cosby keeps the ball rolling on May 8.

The Confederation Way overpass

We often criticize the municipality and the province when it comes to transportation projects, but this one is so right. Yes, we still have our hiccups, but heading up and down the Timberlea and Thickwood hill is much, much better overall.

6 Off

Snow removal

We understand the winter is long and hard in Fort McMurray, but we seem to be sorely lacking in the snow removal department. Word has it that snow removal doesn’t – or can’t – work overnight, which is the prime time to get to work. Which leads us to our second point...


We live in a community that has significant resources at our disposal. The phrase “can’t get it done” shouldn’t be part of the collective lexicon in Fort McMurray. If things aren’t being delivered at an excellent level we should be asking why and working together to solve the issues.

Horrible driving

Leaving aside Highway 63 for a minute, take it easy on the roads, people. We all get stir crazy in our vehicles, but remember how easy it is for things to go wrong on winter roads across the region. You’re not invincible because your truck is half the size of a spaceship.

Financial success does not equate automatic respect

We’ve been in too many situations in Fort McMurray where we’ve noticed people acting entitled simply because ―well, there’s no good reason. Everyone deserves to be respected. Just because you like your paycheque doesn’t mean you can step over people. Show some class.

More concert venues

Word on the street is we’re unable to secure many bigger acts because we simply do not have an appropriate indoor or outdoor venue for more than 2,000 people. Let’s get Shell Place and the downtown arena online as soon as possible. The people here deserve the best entertainment.

Ramping down?

At the end of 2012, both Suncor and Syncrude announced they’d be revising their estimated capital budgets for 2013. That means a reduction in oil sands expansion – at least for those two companies – in the short term. Could buy us some time in building infrastructure, but we should all keep our eye on this long term.

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