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Letter From The Editor

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One of my favourite parts about Fort McMurray is the beautiful diversity and people from all over the world that call this community their home. From coast-to-coast-to-coast-to-coast we are lucky to share this place with people who come from Somalia, Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, Dubai, London, South Africa, Mexico City...well, you get the picture.

I am from Newfoundland, and while that does make me Canadian, many would say we are a distinct culture upon ourselves. I certainly recognize the difference in culture from small-town Newfoundland to downtown Vancouver. And I can definitely recognize the wonderful difference between my family’s traditions and the ones that my friends from other parts partake in throughout the year.

What makes Fort McMurray so great is that we really are bringing the world together. We are doing it with pride, friendship, companionship, and we are truly celebrating it. In various workplaces, churches and homes all over Wood Buffalo, you are seeing people from all walks of life come together. We all live, work and play here. And we all call Fort McMurray our home.

This issue of YMM celebrates the multi-cultural side of our community, and there were lots of stories to tell. Greg Halinda has captured many great memories from the various festivals and events that take place throughout the calendar year, including a special feature on Ukrainian New Year - Malanka on page 28.

My good friend Jasmin Herold talks about her experiences in a new column we’ve just begun called “YMM International” on page 74. Her and Michael’s story is a story of international romance and making a few cultural “mistakes” on the way. It’s also a story that so many who now call Fort McMurray home can relate to.

As the days turn longer, and winter turns to spring, get outside, meet some of your neighbours and take in a new tradition or two. You’ll be pleasantly surprised about how much we all do have in common, no matter where our lives began. Afterall, home is where the heart is, and I, like most, find my heart happiest living in this little (big) part of the world.

Krista Balsom Editor-in-Chief/Publisher @kellybalsom @ymm_magazine


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