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Six On / Six Off

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6 ON

The Tavern on Main
Great service, great location and basically any beer in the world at your disposal. If you haven’t been there yet, check it out. Also, it’s Fort McMurray in a nutshell. A place where blue collar meets white collar and everything in between.

New international airport?
Talks are ongoing to bring direct international flights from Fort McMurray to the U.S. and beyond. Let’s hope this comes to pass to make those trips to Las Vegas, Phoenix and beyond even easier.

The Chef’s Table by Mitchell’s
Corner of Main and Manning downtown. Best sandwiches in the city, and there’s some extra spice to boot: Mitchell’s is housed in the city’s former RCMP detachment and rumour has it there’s a ghost wandering around. Good luck with that.

The spirit of this community
We often dwell on the negative in YMM, but let it be said loud and clear: Some of Canada’s best people live right here. After all, for seven years in a row we’ve been the most giving community per capita according to the United Way. We work hard and we give back.

Mayor Blake
We’ve got a great mayor, YMM. Municipal politics is often bogged down in personal agendas, but dare we say we have one of the best leaders in the country. Understated but as sharp as a tack, Mayor Blake has us headed in the right direction whether you’re here for a month or a lifetime.

Can’t say you’re not connected with the world living in YMM. All you need to do is put your head up and you can hear a new story – something that’s important in today’s world. Opportunity is abound is YMM, but that opportunity is much more than the economic variety.


Can we get a bowling alley?
Ever since the bowling alley shut down in Gregoire, there’s nowhere to roll. Looks like it was introduced too late in the game to get it in at an expanded MacIsland, so how about uptown? Would be a great fit in Timberlea or Thickwood.

Why stop there?
While we’re on the topic of fun and games, why stop with bowling? Let’s go big or go home with some mini putt, maybe some golf carts, and a state-of-the-art arcade. We love our festivals as much as anyone, but sometimes heading out of the house should just mean some easy good times where one doesn’t have to dress up or make a big deal of it.

Connect with Via and build a train route to Edmonton
Yes, Highway 63 should be twinned, but let’s take it a step further and consider Via rail as Fort McMurray grows. How great would it be to take a trip to Edmonton in two hours instead of four and a half? No driving 63, either.

A provincial highway runs through the city
Speaking of Highway 63, it’s a little ridiculous that you need to connect with it at all unless heading to site or Edmonton. If that’s not bad enough, it feels as though the province forgets how much traffic there is in YMM. Overheard last week: “We really didn’t think there was that much traffic in Fort Mac.” Those guys in Edmonton should remember who pays their cheques.

Direct subsidies for small business?
The RMWB has a great plan for downtown re-development, but does it address the lack of services in the city? YMM needs a soul, and in order to do that, small and local business needs to thrive. Honestly, any great “liveable” city features the local as much as big box stores.

Theatre time
Love Landmark Cinemas, but let’s get another theatre. It’s not 1989 and Fort Mac can easily sustain another one. Let’s make it top-of-the-line while we’re at it – downtown or uptown works for us as long as it gets built as soon as possible.

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