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Letter From The Editor

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I didn’t know, and couldn’t have known, what would be the result of starting a community magazine in Fort McMurray! I was hoping for success of course, but I couldn’t even imagine the support I would receive from not just family and friends, but strangers, the business community and community leaders. Not to mention, who knew work could truly be this much fun!

As we begin our third year publishing in Fort McMurray, I’ve been taking some time to reflect on the gift that this magazine has been to me and my family, and I hope the gift it’s been to some of you. With so much negative media coverage, we wanted to provide a source of positive stories - really a publication for everyone who lives, works and plays here! We hope you all keep reading and enjoying the contents of our pages, issue after issue! I look forward to our 10th anniversary, and every one in between.

This issue - our 11th - is focused on our YMM Newsmakers. We’ve chosen just 10, however there could have been dozens more. As like our list of influencers last year, I’m sure you all won’t agree with our list. But every list is subjective and this one is no different. We’ve chosen people who have not only been in the news in a direct way, but also those that impacted news stories and decisions. The other awesome part of this feature is that we’ve worked with four different local artists to help tell the story of each newsmaker. Art is also subjective but we sure hope you enjoy the portraits and storytelling in each piece! Special thanks to Russell Thomas, Liana Wheeldon, David Ball and Erin Stinson for capturing the spirit of our “10” with your talents.

A news story of our own is that our distribution has improved even further and we’re adding in Noralta Lodge as one of our regular distribution partners. Now all of the employees staying in their workforce accommodations will get the chance to learn more about our city and what’s taking place inside of it and together we’ll increase our reach of the “positives” our community has to offer. Thanks to the team at Noralta Lodge for allowing YMM to live inside your walls.

As always, if you would love to see someone or something featured in YMM, or just have a comment, critique or just want to say “hi”, please get in touch with me at!

Until next time,

Krista Balsom Editor-in-Chief/Publisher @kellybalsom @ymm_magazine


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