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Tar Sands Messiah

What happens when a strident, pompous Fort McMurray environmentalist goes to LA, and uses the hyperbole and hypocritical behaviour exhibited by many celebrities who have made their way up here?

That’s exactly what local filmmaker, Tim Moen, sets to find out in his newest project, Tar Sands Messiah.

Seeking to flip the script on Hollywood celebrities who come to Fort McMurray to ridicule the oil sands industry, Tar Sands Messiah hopes to push back, offering our community a voice, and modeling a better way forward. Tar Sands Messiah is on a mission to advance a more productive narrative that supports solutions instead of fixating on problems and tearing people down.

The film’s project manager, David Clement, says people not only in Fort McMurray, but across the country, are embracing the fact that finally someone is standing up and giving the people in our community a platform.

No oil companies or environmental organizations are financially supporting this film. Instead, the $63,000 required to fund the weeks of filming in Hollywood is being raised through donations.

If you’re interested in contributing, have stories involving environmental solutions, oil sands production, community spirit, or local arts and music, email


Kerri has always enjoyed a good story, and favours jotting them down on paper where her thoughts become way more organized. She has always called Alberta home, and delights in the tales that come from there. In her free time, Kerri daydreams, rides bikes, goes on long walks, and cries over videos about dogs. She also donates her time to raising two pretty fantastic kids who call her "mom".