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Compare & Contrast

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Every issue we'll compare Fort McMurray to another town or city in Canada. The facts will be quirky, off the wall and quite interesting, just like YMM-ers.

How does YMM stack up against… Edmonton

  • Number of massage parlours. Edmonton, 32. Fort McMurray, One.
  • Largest green space. Edmonton's River Valley is 22 times the size of Central Park, just under 20,000 acres. The new conservation area created by the Lower Athabasca Regional Plan will be about 250 times the size of Edmonton's biggest, at a shade under 5-million acres.
  • The University of Alberta has produced 67 Rhodes Scholars. Keyano College teaches people to drive big trucks.
  • Edmonton sits close to the geographic center of the province and is the main supply and service center for Canada's Oil Sands. Fort McMurray is the economic hub of Canada. WE are the Oil Sands.
  • Edmonton is home to the twelfth largest mall in the world. Fort McMurray is home to the largest mall in Alberta, er, north of Wandering River.
  • Edmonton, at 684.37 sq. km, is about the same size as Singapore. The RMWB at 68,454 sq. km is larger than 126 of the 249 countries in the world, including Costa Rica, Switzerland, Denmark, and Israel. It is nearly 100 times bigger than Singapore.
  • There are over 70 golf courses in metropolitan Edmonton. Fort McMurray? Two and a half.
  • Edmonton was named after a suburb of London, the home of James Lake, Hudson's Bay Governor at the time. Fort McMurray was named after William McMurray, who also worked for Hudson's Bay.
  • The HBC trader was often the first European the locals met, getting to places even before the missionaries. Because of this, the company was nicknamed Here Before Christ.
  • Edmonton is known as the City of Champions due to its sporting prowess. This is a very old name. On the other hand, Fort McMurray is known as a champion place to live.
  • Edmonton has 10 breweries and brew pubs; Fort McMurray so far has none open, although word is we're going to have two pretty soon.
  • Edmonton has seven strip clubs, Fort McMurray only has one.
  • The West Edmonton Mall has a larger variety of restaurants than Fort McMurray, however…
  • West Edmonton Mall only has one Tim Hortons; the town of Fort McMurray has two… but the rest of Edmonton has another ninety-four. Still, the lines are much longer at our Timmies.

Kevin has been writing for YMM since the first issue. Many of his articles have been pseudonymous, hidden behind the tags Keyano writer or YMM staff. Kevin has been a columnist for many years, working for some of the leading newspapers of the world, including the New York Times and the Devon Dispatch.