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200 words about… Christina Traverse

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Definition: to pass or move over, along, or through. To extend across or over.

A TEAM OF OVERLY-COIFFED, BIG-CITY “Brand Experts” could not have come up with a more perfect name for her.

Christina Traverse is the 22-year-old dog sled dynamo and owner of Mush McMurray, a local long distance dog sled racing team.

Considered a rookie musher (she’s been running dogs for four years, but only started competing in March when she undertook the Three Forts Sled Dog Race), she’s set to take on the Yukon Quest this February – a 1,600-km race that takes anywhere from 10-16 days to complete.

Average race day temperature? Minus 40 with 100-mph winds. The trail? Crosses frozen rivers and four mountain summits. Training? Involves running dogs about 60 miles per day. Nobody is suggesting that you’re a wuss, but it’s unlikely that you’ve got the cojones that Traverse does.

She’s gaining notoriety too, having been the subject of a short documentary after completing the Canadian Challenge in Saskatchewan this past February. A Los Angeles production company has also expressed interest in a documentary about her training in Fort McMurray.

With an impressive roster of sponsors lined up (including Cassandra Slade, Lynn Edwards, and Sutton Group Fort McMurray, Thickwood Veterinary Clinic, Rona, Tia MacKenzie of Shutterbug Photography, The Mortgage Office, and The Meat Shop), a 22-dog team, and a last name that practically guarantees success, Traverse is poised to kick some serious ass in the Yukon.

Follow her on Facebook at Mush McMurray.

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