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Letter from the Editor

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THE ‘FORT MCMURRAY DREAM’ could in some ways be considered the same as the ‘Canadian Dream’—live in a free country and make a life for your family filled with prosperity, love, and happiness. However, I think the Fort McMurray Dream is a little bit different. It is a place most people come with short-term plans, and eventually give up that plan as their life evolves and builds into a deep and rich tapestry of excitement, opportunity, adventure, and career.

I read a quote at the beginning of this project—“if you don’t build your dream, someone will pay you to build theirs.” I have always been someone who dreams big. This magazine started as a big dream, and because Fort McMurray is such a land of opportunity, it has become a reality. It is my love of Fort McMurray and the dreams found within the RMWB boundaries that I hope you can see on the pages of this inaugural issue. We strive to tell the stories of the people who dream and live here, ideas to make the most of your life here, and the stories of where we are going.

Our feature story this issue, written by the brilliant Alanna Bottrell, takes a look at where YMM is headed. Most of what she talks about has already been written about – McMurray City Centre, the MacDonald Island expansion project, the brand-new airport terminal – but I’m constantly surprised to learn how few people in town know about the progress we are making.

I have worked very closely with two of the “visionaries” Alanna writes about – Mayor Melissa Blake and Tim Reid. Both are also big dreamers, and people who make the impossible, possible. Thanks to both of you for the inspiration you are giving to not only me, but to the rest of the residents who call this region home.

I am very excited that you are reading this first edition of Your McMurray Magazine. This is a magazine for everyone who lives, works, and plays here. A talented team of artists, writers, photographers, and contributors has brought you what is within these pages. I commend them all for helping me with not only bringing my dreams to life, but for sharing their own dreams.

This magazine is all about you. I would love to receive your feedback.
Email, and I promise to answer each email I get with your comments. Beginning in issue two, coming out in February, we will be publishing some of your comments so feel free to share your favourite, and not-so-favourite, parts of the inaugural issue.

Happy reading and most of all – happy dreaming!

Krista Balsom



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