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Compare & Contrast How does YMM stack up against: Windsor

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Every issue we’ll compare Fort McMurray to another town or city in Canada. The facts will be quirky, off the wall, and quite interesting, just like YMM-ers!

One is home to the most people on unemployment assistance in Canada, the other has the highest median household income in the country. So who’s better off?

Let’s talk crime first. Our murder rates are fairly similar and low but Windsor is next to the U.S. crime capital, Detroit. We are fortunately four hours away from Canada’s crime capital, Edmonton.

Air quality. Respiratory illnesses that are associated with pollution are more prevalent in Windsor than anywhere else in Canada, thanks to being downwind from a number of coal burning power plants in the U.S. So our air is cleaner. Yeah, really.

Jobs. Despite the jobless rate being only 6.9 per cent in Windsor, more than 40 per cent of the population falls into the classification ‘low income’, which means an annual income of less than $20K. In YMM, where the average household income is close to $200K a year, about 20 per cent of the households earn less than the low income classification for the area, $120K per annum.

Men and women. There are about 140 men for every 100 women in Fort McMurray. In Windsor the ratio is about 85 men for every 100 women.

Sports. Windsor has the Spitfires, a major junior hockey franchise. They’re also one bridge away from the NHL. Fort McMurray has the Oil Barons and is 400km from the NHL. They do win that one don’t they?

Cost of living? Ok, Windsor has that one as well.

Best place to live? Well the survey for 2014 has YMM at number 139, below such delights as Oshaw, Ontario and Thompson, Manitoba. On what effin judgement scale is that even remotely possible? However Windsor is listed at 162. They can’t even beat Thetford Mines.

The conclusion is Windsor is not as bad as portrayed, but you really only want to live there if you can survive on what you spend on clothes in YMM. Work in Fort McMurray, and if you’re a single guy take a vacation in Windsor if you want to find a girlfriend. The odds are in your favour.