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Letter From The Editor

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As we approach the summer months in YMM, there is a lot to celebrate in our community. Nothing is more exciting to me, and to thousands others, than the brand spanking new airport terminal that is opening up this spring.

With its shiny new, well everything, there is a lot to jump up and down and squeal over. I was one of the lucky few who got to tour the facility in the weeks leading up to its opening and throughout the tour, all I could say was “wow!” From the award-winning design that we will all enjoy for years to come and certainly give newcomers and visitors a very welcoming hello, to the streamlined layout, there were just so many details to check out.

I think what will be most noticeable and appreciated is the wide variety and abundance of vendors. From two fully-serviced restaurants (Famoso pre-security and Earls post), lots of fast-food options (Mary Brown’s, Subway, Burger King and more) to what will seem like a luxury - being able to pick-up a gift for a special someone either before or after you land at Chocolate’s and Candlelight. There is just so much to be excited for! Read more all about it on our cover feature on page 26.

With YMM most certainly “taking off to new heights” with our new terminal, it’s not just the Fort McMurray Airport Authority celebrating. Pheonix Heli-flight is the proud new owner of a $6.5-million EC135 Helicopter which has equipped them with night flying capabilities to increase their medi-vac services which is a huge success story for our region (see page 23).

Diversifed Transportation Ltd. is celebrating their new Compass system which has fully integrated all of their operations into one operating system making them much more efficient and better able to handle our region’s growing workforce transportation needs (see page 37).

All around - this spring and summer season will see lots of growth and reasons to celebrate and I’m personally very excited to be in the middle of it all, likely with a glass of sangria on one of our city’s great summer patios!

Krista Balsom Editor-in-Chief/Publisher @kellybalsom @ymm_magazine


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