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Spring is my favourite season in Fort McMurray. After the long winter months of darkness, our days stretch longer and longer and we get the most beautiful long evenings to enjoy! I spent most of my long winter nights inside the rehearsal hall and then on the stage at Keyano Theatre. Theatre is so many different things for everyone. For me, it was about the new friends and catching up with some old ones, challenging myself musically and really just having a great time performing for sold-out audiences. The energy onstage and in the very receptive audience could and does to me represent the bursting energy found in this region every day.

This issue is all about the environment and Fort McMurray’s roots and heritage. Last June, one of our city’s treasures - Heritage Park - suffered tremendously in the flood. One of our regular contributors, Carol Christian, spoke with Rosanne Davidson and her team down at Heritage Park . They’ve taken us into their world and shared just how they’re getting the place back up and ready to welcome thousands of residents and visitors. You can read more on page 31.

Another story that spoke to me in this issue was about the efforts of community beautification and clean-up. The efforts of many are required to get our city in tip-top shape and clean after the often dirty winter months. The staff at the RMWB work very hard, as do hundreds of volunteers. Get your family and friends together and adopt-a-park or road and help to beautify our beautiful city even further! Read more in Dawn Booth’s feature on page 28.

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