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Your McMurray Magazine Message Board - Five Years of Your McMurray Magazine's Top 50 Under 50

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In December 2016, Your McMurray Magazine kick-started a feature into its publication realm with a new community recognition program to focus on the people of the Wood Buffalo region who were doing extraordinary things.

The everyday people who we see or learn about through their shared success and community philanthropy. The people who live their lives to help others and make the region a better place to live. The people who love to call the Wood Buffalo region their home.

In celebration of the fifth annual program, we went through Your McMurray Magazine’s archives to put some shared quotes from our past Top 50 Under 50 recipients back in the spotlight.



“Sometimes others see areas you will shine in before you do; that’s one of the greatest things about Fort McMurray. There are opportunities to do and be a part of many amazing events and groups. You just simply have to do so.”
—Melanie Ference, Owner of Chocolates & Candlelight


“I live by Robert Ingersoll’s words, ‘We rise by lifting others’.”
—Mitch Mercredi, Business Development Manager at Acden


“I came from a crisis early on in life. I am the eldest child of four sisters and lost two very early on in their lives. I think I have made it my goal to ensure that I live my best life, and their passing have been the biggest learnings of gratitude.”
—Nicole Bourque-Bouchier, CEO of Bouchier


“Ten in ten out. Doesn’t matter if it’s a business or a relationship; if you put a five into anything, you will get a five out. If you put a seven in, you’ll get a seven out. When I have put a ten in, I get a ten out.”

—Marty Giles, Owner of Northstar Auto Group



“Diversity is the best thing about Fort McMurray.”
—Dylan Elias, Youth Mentorship Coordinator at Fort McKay First Nation


“I love Fort McMurray! It’s my hometown and made me who I am today.”
—Kristi Hines, Founder & Director of Hines Health Services Inc.


“I love the way our town comes together in times of need. Whether it’s one of our own or another community.”
—James Whaley, Owner & Operator of Bulldog Delivery



“Being a part of this community means just a small twinkle in a magnitude of brilliant stars working to make this a wonderful place to call home.”
— Dan Edwards, Executive Director of the Wood Buffalo Food Bank


“It is important to know your history and culture. It paves the path to your future.”
— Karla Buffalo, CEO of Athabasca Tribal Council


“Work hard, be humble, treat people with respect, and never forget where you came from.”
— Andrew Boutilier, Director of MSS at Suncor Energy



“Community is a place where I feel at home. It’s a place where my friends, family and coworkers can feel safe, enjoy life and work together to support each other.”
— Cathy Steeves, Community Ambassador and Volunteer


“It was so easy to get involved and fall in love with people in this community that we now call home.”
— Dango Gogo, Managing Partner at Don Scott McMurray Law Office


“As a life-long learner, I believe that students grow with challenges, problem-solving and product-based learning.”
— Said El Mejdani, Computer Science Teacher at Westwood Community High School



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