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Letter from the YMM Team

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The team at Your McMurray Magazine started working on this “Life in YMM” edition at the start of the year. What a time that global pandemic, no one-in-100 years flood...just excitement for the fresh new year!

Little did we know how quickly things would change.

When putting together a magazine that has a shelf-life of a couple of months, it can be challenging ensuring the content is timely and relevant, even in the most “normal” of times. COVID-19 and the flooding nudged our team to re-assess all we had planned for these pages, and to find the safest, most responsible ways to get this content in front of you.

That’s why this edition of Your McMurray Magazine is digital only for right now. With physical distancing measures in place, and people spending the majority of their time at home, bringing the magazine to your device screens seems like the best fit for this moment.

Although this version of our “Life in YMM” edition is vastly different from what we had originally planned, we hope you enjoy it. Our team is already hard at work on the next edition of YMM which will be a Flood Commemorative Edition. Stay tuned for more information on that.

Quick side note: We recently launched YMM News ( where you will find our team working hard to keep Fort McMurray in the loop with the news as it happens. When you visit the site, be sure to sign up for our YMM News Weekly Update, a fun and informative weekly newsletter that will be delivered to your inbox every Friday.

Thank you for reading the pages of YMM! We appreciate you more than you know.


All our best,

The Team at Your McMurray Magazine


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