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Letter From The Editor

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I love talking about the best of Fort McMurray. I’ve been travelling a lot lately during recent months all across Canada for various reasons (work and play), and with that comes a lot of conversations with strangers, colleagues, friends, and family about Fort McMurray.  I’m fiercely loyal to my community, as anyone who knows me understands, and I often take the chance to vehemently defend all things YMM.

With the theme of this issue being the “Best of YMM” I have been thinking a lot lately about what makes YMM the best, and defining that and trying to share that with as many people as I can!

I think what makes our city so amazing is a personal and subjective notion. My favourite parts might not be yours. The places I go, the people I interact with may not be the same; personal preferences also impact all of those things. I personally love grabbing a handmade slice of pizza from Hu, a pedicure from Melissa at Achieve Wellness Spa, and getting my gala hair done by Cathy at Cool Blondes Salon. We all have our “fave coffee” or “best pub” and there are incredible people working so hard all over our region to make those our top picks.

This issue celebrates our readers’ take on their “best of YMM”, and it captures only a sampling of the amazing people, service providers, delicious eats, and great businesses that make up our fine region. All of the nominees and winners were chosen by online nominations and not our editorial team. They are all worthy of celebration, and we encourage you all to check them out.

We are also celebrating Small Business Week in a special section presented by the Wood Buffalo Economic Development Corporation. We have incredible entrepreneurs, business leaders, and teams working together to fight against a downturned economy, and pressures that come from a more digital e-commerce world to keep providing the goods and services and community needs to thrive. I encourage you all to think locally with your purchasing, and support the businesses that are supporting our people.

Enjoy this issue, and take some time to celebrate whatever and whoever your “Best of YMM” is. And thank them the next time you see them for helping make Fort McMurray yours.


Krista Balsom


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