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Letter From Our Partner - Hedco Group Inc

John Wilson
BY John Wilson
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When I learned that Frances Jean would be featured on the cover of this edition of Your McMurray Magazine, I knew immediately that Hedco Group needed to be a part of it. There are four women I will always idolize: my mother, my wife, my daughter, and Frances Jean.

Frances Jean had a very positive influence on the development of my business career from my early days in Fort McMurray.  She welcomed my father and I into the Fort McMurray business community in the late 70s and we always admired her passion and support for Fort McMurray. She was simply an icon.  She inspired us to support the community in the same way.  Frances was one of the original creators of the “Wilson” logo that can be seen on all those Red trucks around the community today.

Frances encouraged and mentored my involvement in the original Regional Business Development Center.  It was one of the first of many boards I went on to chair over the years in the community.

She inspired me to support and embrace the community in the same way she did.  Frances provided sage and genuine advice to me on many community issues. Her political savvy and vision had a profound effect on my development as a business, and community leader. Her leadership had tremendous impact on the growth, success and sustainability of this entire region.  This will be her legacy.

My passion and support for this community is well known and I am proud to support Your McMurray Magazine as it endeavours to tell the positive stories of our region. Even as I enjoy semi-retirement, I will continue to be involved in Wood Buffalo, and will continue to promote a strong relationship with this community through the Hedco Group.

— John Wilson, President & CEO, HEDCO Group