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Another year has begun in our region and with it comes new beginnings…and thankfully a little bit of quiet and rest after the very hectic fall and holiday seasons. Jason and I made a trip to Punta Cana to celebrate the wedding of our great friends, Jeni and Josh Hamu, and participated in many galas, holiday parties and festive celebrations!

To celebrate the new year, we have new roads and bridges; the newly opened Grant MacEwan Bridge, with direct access to downtown Fort McMurray via the Franklin Avenue Tunnel, has opened up our new transportation network even further. This is a tremendous sign of progress for our region and I can’t wait to see what spring and summer bring for more!

The new year also saw me, and another 50 or so volunteer actors, embarking on another Keyano Theatre adventure - this time the world-famous Les Misérables. I’m playing “Woman 2” and am doing it proudly alongside some of Fort McMurray’s finest talent and am again enjoying working with director Claude Giroux and musical director Susan Lexa. One of our opinion writers, Russell Thomas, tells us more about this world in his column on page 21. Be sure to get your tickets early as it will be sure to sell out!

This issue is focused on LOVE! All kinds of love. From romantic love, to the love of theatre, to the love of community and family we have tried to give you a taste of it all. One of my favourite things we have done this issue is give some space to our Facebook and Twitter followers for their thoughts on what they love most in our region. With a little guidance from us on category - we received hundreds of responses. Although we couldn’t publish them all, we have printed the highlights on page 17-19. Our readers are most important to us and it’s great to see so many of you getting involved and sharing their love!

Krista Balsom Editor-in-Chief/Publisher T: @kellybalsom T: @ymm_magazine


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