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5 Questions with…

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… Suzanne Anderson

Originally from Halifax, like many others Suzanne came here for the opportunities. Having previously travelled for her IT job throughout Alberta, she knew what was possible out here, if you wanted to work. And Suzanne did. She still does.

One of the most successful realtors in town, she fell into the job by accident almost. YMM poses five questions.

So you came to Fort McMurray for an IT job, and then you found that what sounded like a good salary on the East Coast wasn’t so good when you got here. That must have been a scary time?

Well I knew people in the construction business. Fifteen years ago they were building Burton Estates in Timberlea so I learned about real estate from the ground up, as it were. It was hard, but there’s no better job in the world.

Real Estate? C’mon, long hours, commission only, dealing with people. It’s not my idea of fun.

Granted, it’s not for everyone. But every negative you mentioned there can be seen as a positive. The hours are different, and in a town like this that’s not unusual. Dealing with people is the second-best part of my job and working for commission means there are no safety nets, so you have to know what you are doing.

You said, second-best. What’s the best part then?

That moment when you realize you’ve matched a home to a family. You see the look in their eyes, and you know that you’ve done a good job.

What would you like your 10-year-old daughter to learn from you?

Self-sufficiency, and to an extent she has. She is interested in gymnastics and I recently noticed her searching for a move on the Internet, watching and learning from it and then going off to teach it to herself. I was and am so proud of her always.

What’s your perfect day?

As I said, the perfect work day is when you help someone find the home of their dreams. But the perfect down time will always involve a beach, a warm sun and a cool drink.

Quite the cool lady, Suzanne hangs her hat up and her shingle out at RE/MAX Fort McMurray on 9919 Biggs Avenue in Downtown.


Kevin has been writing for YMM since the first issue. Many of his articles have been pseudonymous, hidden behind the tags Keyano writer or YMM staff. Kevin has been a columnist for many years, working for some of the leading newspapers of the world, including the New York Times and the Devon Dispatch.