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200 Words about… Hot Yoga

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If you can imagine sunbathing without the sun, then you have an accurate sense of how any hot yoga class begins.

Hot yoga is bliss. Hot yoga is magic.

There are some guarantees: You will sweat buckets. Your hair will get messed up. You will not be able to meet your pals for frozen yogurt immediately afterwards. You will feel fantastic.

There are also some tips: Stop eating two hours before class. Bring a towel and water. Don’t speak in the studio. Don’t let your yoga mat slam onto the floor when you’re setting up. Lightly place it onto the ground and silently roll it out. Get into the present. Move at your own pace. This is called your “practice.” If you can’t stand and place your hands flat on the ground now, then there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to do it once class is done. Or maybe not – and that’s okay. It’s just not in your practice yet. But it will be.

Once in a while, something special happens in that dark, hot room, toward the end of the class. It can’t be described on these pages – it needs to be felt. But it’s a gift.