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Not Your Usual Suspect… Diana Noble

While Diana might have only arrived in Fort McMurray in 2008 she has embraced the community and made it home, with a determination to give back to a community that has given her tremendous opportunities.

After an upbringing as the child of a father in the military, Diana was ready to settle down, coming to Fort McMurray from Ontario with her partner Patrick, who had just lost his job in that province. When Patrick had the chance to move to Fort McMurray for a six-month contract position he and Diana realized they faced a choice – and with $800 in their pockets they chose to pack their bags and move, never really looking back and instead throwing themselves into the community they now call home.

Diana, who has worked in the legal field for much of her time here, gradually progressed into securing a license as a realtor while also freelance writing for a variety of local publications. She has been actively involved since her arrival with various volunteer efforts, believing that there are so many ways to contribute to the community. Diana has even become an entrepreneur, starting Noble Services Inc., a business that started as a one-woman show and now boasts a few employees and a track record of small business success. For Diana, though, moving to Fort McMurray has been about the opportunities and the potential, particularly when Patrick’s daughter Bryce moved to Fort McMurray in 2009, transforming the couple into a family of three.

Being a stepmother prompted Diana to become even more involved in the community in a desire to show her stepdaughter a good example of how to overcome challenges, become a productive member of society, and give back to your community.

Diana is a fervent believer in the potential in this region, and in the fact that leaving Ontario for northern Alberta was the best decision she could have ever made. She believes this is a place where the sky’s the limit for those who want to reach for it, and she is eternally grateful that she took a chance on this community, and that it welcomed her, her husband, and her step-daughter with open arms.

Perhaps what is most charming about Diana is her disarming smile, coupled with a pure and simple love for a community that is the first place she has ever called home. Despite the challenges along the way, Diana has found not only her place in the community but a true niche, developing both professionally and personally as she grows into her roles as businesswoman, realtor, wife, and stepmother. Through the support of this community she has been able to expand on those roles while also exploring all this region has to offer. Her advice to those contemplating a move to Fort McMurray?

“You can either believe all of the negativity spread about this community and miss out on an opportunity that could change your life forever, or you can move here, make this your home, and live a life you could have never imagined. This region is full of wonderful people who are passionate about this community – please come and be one of them”.

A half hour coffee and chat with Diana Noble not only shows you that she is an exceptional young woman but that she is quite definitely one of those wonderful, passionate people in this community.


A freelance writer, blogger and professional communicator who is passionate about her child, her work, her pets, her community and the power of words, Theresa Wells believes perfection in life is achieved when she is surrounded by amazing people, fantastic stories, cold gin and really hot shoes.