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Impact with Ken Sandmoen

Meaghan Szpak
BY Meaghan Szpak
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Ken Sandmoen is the General Manager of AlumaSafway in Fort McMurray. Recently, he joined Russell Thomas on IMPACT to discuss his community involvement as both a member of Industry and as United Way’s 2018 Community Campaign Chair.

Ken has been involved with AlumaSafway for over a decade.  It is his job in industry that brought him, along with his wife and children, to Fort McMurray. 

“I’ve been with AlumaSafway since 2004, so 14 years, in a few locations...Calgary, Ottawa and now Fort McMurray,” said Ken. 

AlumaSafway has always been actively involved in the communities that Ken has worked in with the company.

“We always had a fairly large community involvement in Ottawa and Calgary,” said Ken.  “When I moved up here to Fort McMurray, what I thought was a large community involvement there was nothing compared to what AlumaSafway did in Fort McMurray.”

Ken shared a piece of advice that his predecessor gave him regarding the company and community.

“One of the pieces of advice he gave me was ‘whatever you do, stay involved in this community because it’s very important for us’,” said Ken. “It’s important for us for business, but also important for us for our employees.”

At times, AlumaSafway has had up to 2,000 employees in the region, so Ken realized the importance of making Fort McMurray a better place to live.

“We want to make this a better place, we want local employees, so we get involved in quite a few events,” said Ken.  “We’re proud to do it, we’re happy to do it.”

AlumaSafway is one of many industry partners throughout the region who hold annual United Way Workplace Campaigns, where they raise money through creative and fun initiatives. 

“There will be BBQs, there will be show and shines, bingo nights, and a lot of things that’ll we’ll encourage people to come out and attend,” said Ken. 

Concurrently with his role at AlumaSafway, Ken is also the 2018 United Way Community Campaign Chair.

Ken is taking his passion and creative ways of giving back through Industry and utilizing it through his new role this campaign.

“I feel very good about [being Campaign Chair],” said Ken. “The reason I feel very good about it is the United Way has such a wonderful staff, and the Board of Directors are so engaged.  We can say I’m the Community Chair, but in reality everybody within the United Way steps up during these times,” said Ken.

Ken shared what success looks like following the 10-week campaign: meeting the community needs.

“We understand that times have changed somewhat in Fort McMurray, it’s not as it used to be,” said Ken. “We still have an incredibly giving community.  Success will be meeting the need and the campaign is a critical part to do that.”


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