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Letter From The Editor

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The team at Balsom Communications is incredibly proud to bring you this edition of Your McMurray Magazine. It is our first edition dedicated to the Indigenous peoples of Wood Buffalo.

This edition is a small glimpse into some of the stories that are noteworthy in our region, but by no means a full picture. We have done our best to capture some of the people, current events and collaborative relationships found within the First Nations and Métis organizations. We have worked hard to bring you truth, and to tell honestly some of the struggles and successes of the region. As a community there are hard truths we must face in order to reach meaningful reconciliation and we hope that by helping to tell the stories, we are helping our region move one very small step forward in this process.

Our cover story celebrates some of the talented Indigenous artists and the work being done by the Arts Council Wood Buffalo to showcase their work within the region and help their businesses thrive. We are blessed to have such incredible diverse talent to enhance our cultural experiences. Learn more about them on page 9.

One of my personal inspirations that I’m very proud to feature within these pages is Wood Buffalo powerhouse Nicole Bourque-Bouchier. In her own words, she tells the story of the Bouchier Groups early days and how they overcame barriers to become one of our region’s most powerful companies. We are grateful that she has shared this, and I hope you can all take some inspiration from it on page 27.


Thank you to everyone for sharing your words, talents and passions to help make this edition of YMM what it is.

We hope you enjoy reading this edition and wish you all a beautiful spring season as the nights get longer and the temperatures hotter!


Krista Balsom



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