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The Top 10 Winter Sports in Fort McMurray

Earlier this year, I wrote about my top ten sports and recreation wants. Now with Old Man Winter breathing down our necks, it’s time for a much chillier version of that list. As was the same as last time, some of these are real wants and some are just for fun. You can try to decide which is which.

1. Snow football
The FM Flag Football League was started up this summer at the Holy Trinity field to resounding success. Continuing this in the winter would be just as fun. Heck, maybe equip each player with snow shoes too for added entertainment.

2. Hospital Hill bobsledding
One of my favourite activities as a kid was taking out the crazy carpet or GT Sno-Racer (Brett Hull poster included) and ripping down Hospital Hill. Let’s spruce this up by trying out a bobsled on the hill and see what fun results occur.

3. Cross-country zumba skiing
Let Phil Meagher lead the way as folks head out on the Birchwood Trails for an afternoon of skiing, but then throw in a zumba routine at every stop. Hilarity ensues.

4. Canada Winter Games
We’re set to host the 2015 Western Canada Summer Games in less than two years. If we’re successful in pulling those off, I can only imagine what kind of doors would open next. My best bet is the full blown Canada Winter Games… and hopefully we see lots of local figure skaters, skiers and hockey players competing.

5. Bowling
You knew I had to toss this one in, right? I’m not talking about any wild outdoor bowling. I just want regular indoor bowling… which can still be done in winter.

6. Outdoor skating
We have outdoor rinks in the city, but they are often dominated by pickup hockey games. There is a big demand for a casual skating environment, similar to what you’d see in Central Park in New York. We’re on our way with Jubilee Plaza, but a couple similar options would be great additions.

7. More curling
Here’s another indoor activity and something that there is a huge out cry from the curling community itself about. I don’t think it’s so much that the curling community wants more sheets, but just a proper facility so they can enjoy each other’s company after the game too. Hopefully we see this down the road.

8. Mascots on ice
Our community continues to have more and more mascots coming out of the woodwork. Between RRRibbitt, Rave, Bylaw Bob, the impending Western Canada Summer Games mascot and all the company ones, we could have one heck of an ice-capades event for local kids to enjoy.

9. Snowman building contest
This could be a great addition to WinterPLAY in that local schools compete against each other to build the biggest and most creative snowmen (and snowwomen?) in Fort McMurray. We may need to order a lot of carrots though.

10. NHL pre-season game
We’ve already got the Northern Kickoff on the way with a CFL pre-season game, so why stop there? Let’s get the Oilers and Flames on the phone right now and bring some NHL action to our community. It could be a great precursor to a future AHL farm team here!


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