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Vista Ridge

Nothing to do in Fort McMurray? Take the kids to one of the most underrated attractions and all-around good times in the region: Vista Ridge. Not too many communities in Canada can boast a ski hill as solid at such proximity to downtown.

Kim Jenkins

This was announced in September, but we don’t care if it’s too late. Congratulations to Kim Jenkins on being named 2013 Superintendent of the Year – nation wide – for his work at the Fort McMurray Catholic School Board. Jenkins is now at Keyano College. Let’s hope he can work similar magic there.


Presented by Fort McMurray REALTORS, the CRAZE is Fort McMurray’s annual New Year’s Eve family extravaganza at the Suncor Community Leisure Centre. It takes place from noon-6:00 pm, finishes with fireworks and best of all, is free to the community!

The Holiday Season

There’s no better place for the holiday spirit than in YMM. Home to a variety of cultures, we truly celebrate them all as we say thank you for a great year while enjoying family and friends. Let’s make sure no child is left behind, everyone.

United Way

You’ve done it again, Fort McMurray. The United Way upped the ante in 2013, and you responded. Once again, our region has proven to be the most giving per capita in Canada, and while it is no surprise, the community should be commended for its big heart.


Engagement sessions and design work on the proposed Northside Community Recreation Centre are ongoing, and the process, being guided by the new Regional Recreation Corporation, is going well. It’s a much needed facility north of the bridge and should go a long way for our families.


Alberta Transportation

Not for the work it’s doing, because the results have been a much needed improvement, and we have only the best things to say about the progress on Highway 63. The issue is communication. If people understood the positive changes in advance, they’d be less apt to complain.

Land Release

It was great to hear about the agreement the RMWB reached with the Province on land release. Too bad it’s delayed because of, wait for it, the transportation infrastructure isn’t ready for increased growth. Something is wrong when additional housing can’t be provided because of lack of roads.

External media

It’s time to stop caring what “outsiders” think of our community. We know it’s not a wasteland or even comes close to resembling Hiroshima post A-Bomb, but the reality is we’re going to deal with these stereotypes for years to come. Who cares? We know what we are and that’s a community on the move.

The Snye

Regardless of what one thinks of Snye development or not, cooler heads should prevail. Fort McMurray lacks a proper downtown and needs to step forward, but let’s remember access to the Snye is part of our shared history. Let’s get on the same page.

Retail space

We’ve all heard about the plans for a new City Centre, but what is the specific plan for increased retail – both larger chain and local providers? It’s easy to say it’ll come, but it would be great to see some movement in this area in the short(er) term.


Seems like there is a lot of negativity being projected towards some of our community leadership. While constructive criticism and debate is warranted, let’s remember that just about everyone involved has the best of intentions for the community, even if we disagree. Don’t like what you see? Help out.


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