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Letter from The Editor

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Our regions seniors hold a special place in my heart. They hold this place there because they came before me and built our region into what it is today. Without them, we would not live in such a vibrant, diverse and strong community. Their contributions don’t stop in the past however. Our seniors are our regions volunteers, advocates, employees and still continue to give back heavily to the community they call home.

For the first time, Your McMurray Magazine is doing an issue all related to our seniors community. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not an issue for everyone as we all have lots to learn from those who paved the way. This issue is filled with lots of stories of the past, as well as the impact our local seniors are having today.

We’re also proud to be celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Golden Years Society building. I had the pleasure of attending the celebration earlier in March of this year and it was an honour to hear more from just some of the people who helped make the building possible. One of these people is featured on our cover - Germain Routhier. Germain helped to facilitate and gather the funds required to get the building in place for the Golden Years Society. Today the Golden Years Society has over 300 members and has become a very integral part of our seniors community. You can read more about their story over the past 25 years in the story on page 29.

This issue is also filled with lots of information on resources for seniors living in our region. One such organizations is the St. Aidan’s Society. The team at St. Aidan’s is a dedicated bunch who works passionately to connect seniors to community resources to meet their needs and ultimately increase social connections and quality of life. You can learn more about St. Aidan’s and some of the other work being done to provide quality services in our story on page 17.

We hope you enjoy reading more about just some of the amazing seniors featured in this issue, as well as get up to date on the progress being made on the Willow Square site in downtown in this issue of YMM.

Enjoy the spring weather!


Krista Balsom




I enjoyed visiting with Germain Routhier at the 25th Anniversary Celebrations.

Members of the current and past executives cut the cake and toast 25 years!


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