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It’s hard to believe that only a year ago we launched the very first issue of Your McMurray Magazine. At the time we weren’t sure where the year would go, and how our first issues would be received by YOU - our readers! Luckily, you’ve taken our pages into your homes, left them on coffee tables, passed them onto friends, and even read them in trucks the sizes of houses out on site.

Our anniversary issue focuses on influence and power. There are so many people who were the obvious choices for this list, and so many more that could have made the list but we had to limit the number we chose. This was a tricky story to put together; influence is completely subjective...truly! I’m sure you won’t agree with every one of our choices, but have a read...after hearing what we have to say, you might be convinced!

I’ve been blessed to meet so many talented folks, right here in our beautiful, vibrant city. They are the ones who have written the stories, taken the photographs, and merged it all together into what we think is a beautiful magazine that really is for everyone who lives, works and plays here. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart to every single member of the YMM team.

To our readers - thank you all so much for embracing the stories found within each of our issues and I hope you keep coming back for more. Please let me know what you think at I love to hear your feedback and strive every day to make the magazine what you would want it to be.

Happy birthday, YMM - here’s to another year!

Krista Balsom Editor-in-Chief/Publisher Twtr: @kellybalsom Twtr: @ymm_magazine


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