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Letter From The Editor

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As a local business owner, I’m very proud to be publishing an issue of YMM all focused on celebrating our local business community. The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo is home to a wide variety of industry and small businesses that work hard every year to ensure the economic viability of our region, as well as provide products and services we all need. In the recent years, it’s been more challenging than ever to be a business in our region as we all faced a slower oil economy and the effects of the 2016 wildfire.

This issue of YMM celebrates many of our businesses and just some of the great ways that they get involved in all aspects of the community. We are also fortunate to have great business supports and resources from our Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce and Community Futures Wood Buffalo. You can learn more about what’s available in a great piece by Brad Karp on page 15. Also worth pointing out, this year’s Small Business Week is coming up on October 16. Make sure you check out all the great events and activities taking place.

There is a new way of creating impact in the form of social procurement, and it’s beginning to take shape right here in our region, thanks to the role that FuseSocial is playing to ensure that our social prosperity is factored into business decisions. Social procurement leverages the power of organizations by encouraging companies, corporations, and organizations to leverage their buying power to seek social benefit for the community. Learn more all about this innovative concept on page 20.

Another little gem in this issue is a small celebration of the Pride Fort McMurray event that happened this past August. You can read more about the very successful event on page 61. 

Thanks so much for picking up a copy of YMM and supporting our local business! We look forward to many more years as a Fort McMurray business committed to being part of our amazing community.


Krista Balsom



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